How to Mint a Domain on Neo X TestNet

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3 min readMay 30, 2024


Neo X Testnet Chain Introduction: How to Mint a Domain on ZNS

NEO X and ZNS Connect integration

Neo X is Neo’s highly secure EVM sidechain built to foster an open, diverse ecosystem where developers can thrive in driving progress towards the Smart Economy. Through MEV resistance and full compatibility with Ethereum tooling, Neo X excels in cross-chain scalability and DeFi applications through its use of the dBFT consensus mechanism and enveloped transactions. Together with Neo’s N3 chain, Neo X is creating an inclusive and fair environment for multichain developers and digital asset users in the DeFi, blockchain and related industries.

How to claim test Tokens (GAS ) from the Neo Discord
1. Join Discord server:
2. Claim test GAS tokens at the Faucet channel

How to Use the Neo X Chain TestNet Explorer:
Visit Block explorer:

2. Enter the wallet address or txn hash you want to search.

How to Mint a test Domain on Neo X TestNet
1. Connect Your Wallet: Access and connect your wallet. Change the network to Neo X.
2. Explore ZNS Connect: Navigate to to explore the integration of Neo X Chain and choose your domain.
3. Add Domain to Cart: Select your desired domain name and add it to your cart.

4. Checkout and Mint Your Domain: Authorize the token transaction and proceed with minting your domain on the Neo X Chain and check page

5. Manage Your Domain: Key Testing Steps for ZNS on Neo X TestNet :
— Set Your Domain as Primary
— Add a Cover Image
— Provide Main Information
— Include Social Links
— Update Your Profile Data
— View Your Profile

6. Try to check the results:

7. Gift Cards ( Credits) Functionality: Explore the exciting functionality of Credits. Easily mint a Gift Card of Credits by entering the desired amount in the settings.

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