Mint a Domain on XRPL Side Chain and Be a Part of Blockchain History

XRPL Side Chain Introduction: How to Mint a Domain on ZNS

ZNS Connect Name Service
3 min readJun 25, 2024

XRPL (XRP Ledger) is a highly efficient, decentralized blockchain technology designed to facilitate fast, low-cost transactions. By integrating ZNS Connect, users can leverage the power of XRPL to mint and manage domains seamlessly.

What is XRPL Sidechain ?
XRPL Sidechains, enabled by the XChainBridge amendment, are independent ledgers with their own consensus algorithm, transaction types, rules, and nodes. These sidechains act as their own blockchains, running parallel to the mainchain (XRP Ledger). They enable value to move between the two without compromising the speed, efficiency, and throughput of the mainchain.

How to Claim Test Tokens (XRP) from the XRPL Faucet

1. Visit the Faucet:

How to Claim Test Tokens (XRP) from the XRPL Faucet

2. Claim Test XRP Tokens:
Follow the instructions on the page to receive test XRP tokens — connect wallet and click on Transfer. Tokens will be on your wallet in 5 minutes.

How to Use the XRPL Side Chain TestNet Explorer

1. Visit the Block Explorer: link to ZNS
2. Search Transactions: Enter your wallet address or transaction.

How to Mint a Test Domain on XRPL Side Chain

1. Connect Your Wallet:
Access and connect your wallet. Change the network to XRPL side chain.

zns connect and xrpl chain

2. Explore ZNS Connect:
Navigate to to explore the integration of the XRPL Side Chain and choose your domain.
3. Add Domain to Cart:
Select your desired domain name and add it to your cart.

4. Checkout and Mint Your Domain:
Authorize the token transaction and proceed with minting your domain on the XRPL Side Chain. Check your domains at [My Domains](
5. Manage Your Domain: Key Testing Steps for ZNS on XRPL Side Chain:
— Set Your Domain as Primary
— Add a Cover Image
— Provide Main Information
— Include Social Links
— Update Your Profile Data
— View Your Profile

Gift Cards (Credits) Functionality

Explore the exciting functionality of Credits. Easily mint a Gift Card of Credits by entering the desired amount in the settings:

ZNS Connect and XRPL Side Chain

ZNS Team at Apex Amsterdam

The ZNS team attended XRP Ledger Apex 2024, hosted by Ripple. This is the largest annual summit on the XRPL calendar, uniting developers, businesses, fintechs, VCs, and the wider community

ZNS Connect on Apex Amsterdam 2024

With these powerful features at your fingertips, you’re equipped to maximize your experience with ZNS Connect and unlock the full potential of your personalized web presence. Start exploring today on

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