Minting Domains on Blast with ZNS

ZNS Connect Name Service
3 min readJun 10, 2024


We’re excited to announce our integration with Blast Chain

Blast Chain, a cutting-edge blockchain network, is dedicated to delivering the core infrastructure necessary for widespread public adoption. It remains a community-first, open-source ecosystem built on a permissionless and decentralized environment.

Blast Blockchain on ZNS Connect

How to Get Started with Blast Chain on ZNS Connect:

  1. Bridge your ETH to Blast L2 Tokens:
    — Visit Blast Bridge and select the ETH and transfer to Blast
Bridge ETH to Blast L2

2. Connect Your Wallet:
— Visit and connect your wallet. Switch the network to Blast Chain.

3. Explore ZNS Connect:
— Head to to explore the integration of Blast Chain and select your domain.

Register Domain on ZNS on Bla

4. Add Domain to Cart:
— Choose your desired domain name and add it to your cart.

5. Checkout and Mint Your Domain:
— Confirm the token transaction and mint your Blast Chain domain.

6. Customize Your Profile on Blast Chain:

- Provide Main Information
- Include Social Links
- Update Your Profile Data
- View Your Profile-
- Set Your Domain as Primary
- Update Your Profile Data
- Add a Cover Image

Don’t Miss the GALXE Campaign:

Join us on GALXE and mint ZNS Blast Chain OAT: [Link]

And Join 500 USDT Blast Raffle on Galxe : Link

Here’s How to Mint Gift Cards:

1. Purchase Credits:
— Go to Settings and enter the amount you wish to purchase, then click BUY: [Settings]

2. Redeem Gift Cards:
— Navigate to Settings, then Gift Cards, and click Redeem: [Gift Cards]

3. View Available Credits:
— In the top right corner, click on your logo to view your available credits.

4. Mint and Utilize Credits:
— You can now mint and utilize your credits.

5. Send Credits to Others:
— You have the option to send any amount to other users: [Send Credits]

ZNS On Blast

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ZNS Connect Name Service

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