Taiko Grant Mainnet Challenge

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3 min readJun 9, 2024


Are you ready to dive deep into the Taiko ecosystem? We are excited to announce the Taiko Grant Mainnet Engagement Challenge! This is your chance to explore the Taiko network, complete engaging tasks, and win a share of 2200 USDT.

Taiko Grant Mainnet Engagement Challenge

Why Participate?

The Taiko Engagement Challenge is designed to help you discover the full potential of the Taiko mainnet. By participating, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with various aspects of the ecosystem, from minting NFTs to adding liquidity, and much more. Not only will you gain valuable experience, but you’ll also stand a chance to win exciting rewards.

What Can You Do?

Here’s a list of tasks you can complete as part of the challenge:

Retro Bridge on Taiko
DTX Swap on Taiko

- Add Liquidity on Minterest : Contribute to liquidity pools and earn rewards: https://taiko.minterest.com/

Minterest on Taiko

- Borrow on Hana Finance : Participate in decentralized finance (DeFi) by borrowing or lending assets on Hana Finance :https://www.hana.finance/market

Hana on Taiko
ZNS Connect on Taiko

How to Participate

1. Complete the Tasks: Engage with the Taiko ecosystem by completing the tasks listed above: https://app.galxe.com/quest/znsconnect/GC42rtdtf9
2. Claim Your OAT: https://app.galxe.com/quest/znsconnect/GC51AtdEaC
3. Join the Raffle: https://app.galxe.com/quest/znsconnect/GCjAAtd6Cs


By participating in the Taiko Engagement Challenge, you not only gain a deeper understanding of the Taiko ecosystem but also get a chance to win a part of the 2200 USDT prize pool. This is a fantastic opportunity to be rewarded for your engagement and contributions.

Taiko Grant Mainnet Engagement Challenge

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