Unlock the Full Potential of ZNS Connect: A Guide to ZNS Application

ZNS Connect Name Service
4 min readMay 7, 2024


Are you ready to take your experience with ZNS Connect to the next level? Let’s dive into the key features and functionalities that will enhance your journey: https://v3.znsconnect.io/

  1. Smart Search: Utilize the smart search function to effortlessly identify unoccupied domains, streamlining your search process and saving you valuable time.

2. Registration Process: Seamlessly register your desired domain by following a straightforward process. Choose your preferred registration period and complete your transaction with a simple click of the “Checkout” button.

3. Manage Domains: Take control of your domains by accessing the “My Domains” section.

Here, you can add essential details such as your name, bio, location, website, and category to customize your online presence.

4. Social Integration: Connect your domain with your social media accounts to further amplify your online presence. Easily add and verify social media accounts associated with your domain with just a few clicks.

5. Domain Maintenance: Keep your domains up-to-date with the option to renew or delete as needed. This ensures that your online presence remains current and relevant.

6. Gift Cards ( Credits) Functionality: Explore the exciting functionality of Credits . Easily mint a Gift Card of Credits by entering the desired amount in the settings.

To redeem, navigate to the Gift Cards menu and click “Redeem”

7. Sending Gift Cards: Spread the joy by sending Gift Cards to friends and loved ones. Enter the recipient’s name and address along with the desired amount, making it a breeze to share the gift of personalized domains.

8. Credit Usage: Maximize your credits by applying them towards your domain purchases. During checkout, select “Use your credit” and choose “Max” to cover gas fees effortlessly.

9. Affiliate Program: Join our Affiliate Program to create a custom referral link and earn rewards for spreading the word about ZNS Connect to your network.

10. Badge Claiming: Engage in on-chain activities to earn badges and showcase your accomplishments on Badges page

Visit My Profile to view and claim your badges.

11. Adding to Favorites: Easily keep track of your favorite domains by adding them to your Favorites list. Accessible from the Favorites menu, this feature ensures quick access to your preferred domains by searching and clicking on heart

12. Following Each Other: Stay connected with friends and fellow users by following their domains. Simply locate a domain you want to follow, click “follow,” and find your friends in the Followers section of your profile.

With these powerful features at your fingertips, you’re equipped to maximize your experience with ZNS Connect and unlock the full potential of your personalized web presence. Start exploring today on https://znsconnect.io/

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ZNS Connect Name Service

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