ZNS Connect SDK: Unlock the Potential of Blockchain Domains

ZNS Connect SDK Overview

ZNS Connect Name Service
2 min readJul 3, 2024

The ZNSConnect SDK is a powerful toolset designed to interact with blockchain domain names, offering a range of functionalities including resolving addresses, retrieving metadata, checking domain availability, and more.

ZNS Connect SDK Overview

Web3 Name SDK ZNS Connect

Interacts with blockchain domain names, resolving addresses, and retrieving metadata.

Earn Revenue Sharing

Integrate the ZNS Connect SDK into your third-party frontend and benefit from revenue sharing on all domain minting activities. Depending on your brand, name service platform, or integration, you can earn up to 30–40% of the revenue generated through the SDK.

Key Functionalities

The ZNS Connect SDK offers a robust set of functionalities to interact with blockchain domain names:

  • Resolve Addresses: Fetch the blockchain address associated with a given domain.
  • Retrieve Metadata: Access detailed information about a specific domain.
  • Check Domain Availability: Determine whether a domain name is already registered or available.
  • Manage Domains: Perform various operations such as registering new domains and resolving domain ownership.
SDK Model on ZNS Connect

Grow Your Community

Integrating ZNS into your app can enhance user engagement and foster community growth. Providing personalized Web3 pages, improving security with alphabetical addresses, and simplifying access to DEXs, wallets, and apps with ZNS domains are just a few benefits.

Key Features of the ZNSConnect SDK

const result = await ZNSConnect.resolveAddress(‘nft’, ‘0x123…’);

const owner = await ZNSConnect.resolveDomain(‘example.nft’);

Learn More

For detailed documentation on each function available in the SDK, visit the following links:

  1. ZNSConnect SDK Documentation
  2. ZNS SDK on NPM application
ZNS SDK on NPM application

Stay tuned for a more comprehensive article coming soon. In the meantime, if you’re interested in integrating the SDK, please reach out to us via direct message!

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ZNS Connect Name Service

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